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VSF's safety policy is aimed primarily at safe and sound working practices for its employees, subcontractors and third parties. Its Working Conditions and environmental policy is based on current requirements (Working Conditions Act [Arbowet]).

This legislation also stipulates that all stakeholders have their own responsibility in this matter. These stakeholders include the employer, permanent and temporary employees, subcontractors and third parties. As such, they have a shared task.

For VSF, working conditions and environmental legislation are minimum requirements to be met by the organisation. Our policy is aimed at preventing personal injury, material damage and environmental damage and at the continual improvement of safety, health and the environment. It goes without saying that the use of alcohol and drugs during the performance of our work is a no-no.


VolkerWessels has drafted a number of clear-cut internal safety values and rules. By applying these rules, VolkerWessels wants to prevent unsafe situations. The safety rules and values are the basis for VolkerWessels' Safety programme WAVE, which is the Dutch abbreviation of Stay Alert! Safety First!. VSF has already implemented its WAVE programme and trained all its staff to apply WAVE in their day-to-day activities.


For further information on the WAVE programme, see the next page.