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VolkerWessels Company

Volker Staal en Funderingen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Van Hattum en Blankevoort, an independent operating company of VolkerWessels. As part of VolkerWessels, VSF has access to all structural and civil engineering disciplines in the parent company and the sister entities.

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VolkerWessels (www.volkerwessels.com) is a Dutch construction firm with a decentralised organisation and some 120 operating companies. VolkerWessels is active in three areas: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada/the United States, in three market sectors: Construction & Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Energy & Telecommunications. Along with about 14,500 employees, VolkerWessels builds on home, work, mobility, energy & telecommunications. VolkerWessels works on development, design, construction, financing, management and operation, for all its stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society in the broad sense of the word. VolkerWessels is a company that seizes opportunities and introduces sustainable innovations.