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Wees Alert! Veiligheid Eerst!

In everything VolkerWessels does, safety comes first. All our employees are aware of the risks their work involves. That is why VolkerWessels has drafted safety values and rules. Safety should always be first and foremost in our mind. It is more than just following the rules - it's a way of working.  


Skilled professionals

Some of the work our employees do about every day may carry a lot of risks. But even these activities can be performed safely by thoroughly discussing the work in advance and identifying the risks, keeping an eye on each other and working carefully. Attention and care are also required for work that is less risky. Professionals do not take unacceptable risks.

Safety rules

VolkerWessels has drawn up safety rules that apply to the following sectors: Bouw & Vastgoed Nederland, Infrastructuur Nederland, Energie Onshore and Telecom. By applying these rules, VolkerWessels wants to prevent unsafe situations.


The basic rules are:

  • Use the prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Ensure that the workplace is properly fenced off
  • Use the right (approved) resources and tools
  • Make sure your workplace is neat and tidy
  • Carry out an LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis)
  • Do not work or drive while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Do not smoke outside the designated areas.



The corporate culture VolkerWessels wishes to hone is one that centres around safety without compromise.


The following values apply at all times to everything VolkerWessels does:


Safety is part of everything we do


I am responsible for my own safety and that of   others.

Willing to learn:

I want to learn from incidents and near-misses


I hold others accountable for unsafe behaviour  and safety


I stop unsafe working practices; If necessary, I stop work


I accept being held accountable for safety


I report accidents and near-misses


Core value: Safety - We either work safely or we don't work at all

The safety rules and values are the basis for VolkerWessels' Safety programme WAVE, which is the Dutch abbreviation of Stay Alert! Safety First!