VSF has a wide range of equipment for various types of anchoring of building pit walls. VSF also has a great deal of experience installing suction piles.


Grout (injection) anchors

Grout anchors, with rods or strands, are tension elements which are made of high-grade steel. The anchor's tensile force comes from the shear stress between the grouted anchor body and the...

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Screw injection anchors

Screw injection anchors are thick-walled tubular anchoring elements that can transfer tensile and compressive forces to the subsoil. On the far end, screw injection anchors have a auger type tip...

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Suction piles or anchors

A suction pile is a large-diameter steel pile fitted with a closed top. This pile can be suctioned into the soil using specially developed software and underwater pumps. Because of the very large...

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