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Grout (injection) anchors

Grout anchors, with rods or strands, are tension elements which are made of high-grade steel. The anchor's tensile force comes from the shear stress between the grouted anchor body and the surrounding soil. A steel casing is hammered or drilled into the soil to the desired depth, after which the anchor rod or strand is inserted into the casing. Afterwards, the space between the pipe sleeve and the rod or strand is filled with grout. The drill pipe is gradually retracted, with the space being filled by pumping in grout under pressure into the drillpipe. The anchors can be temporary (less than 2 years) or permanent, this is important in relation to the used corrosion protection. They can also be removed in whole or in part. The anchorbody usually stays behind. The rod anchors can have various diameters: 26.5 ; 32 ; 36 ; 40 and 47 mm in steel grade Fep 950/1050. Strand anchors can have 2 to 12 strands in steel grade Fep 1860.


Grout anchors are used in all kinds of soil- or water-retaining structures, such as: building pit walls, fencing, quay walls, high-voltage pylons, swimming pools, cellars, underwater concrete floors.

Ambient factors

  • Can be installed without vibrations and low noise
  • Can be drilled against water pressure
  • Can be installed vertically or at any inclination
  • Can be electrically insulated when used in vicinity of electrified railroads

Pros and Cons

  • The anchors can be installed from the ground or from a pontoon.
  • Anchores can be removed after use.
  • In terms of production, the product depends on obstacles in the subsoil



Name of project


Kampen, Pleasure craft lock Ijsseldijk

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Nunspeet, Building pit Nestle GOOPL

Visser & Smit Bouw Regio Noord

Heerlen, Construction pit Maankwartier Noord en Zuid

Jongen  Bouwbedrijf

Bergambacht, Embankment reinforcement Bergambacht-Ammerstol-Schoonhoven

Waterauthority Schieland - Krimpenerwaard

Vianen, Riverbank reinforcement, pilot Soil nailing

Waterauthority Rivierenland

Tiel, Construction pit Community Centre Westluidense Poort

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Muiden, Construction pit Aquaduct motorway A1-A6

Construction consortium SAAone

Amsterdam, Viaduct Schinkel OV-SAAL

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Delft, Extension motorway A4

Construction consortium A4All

Berlicum, Building pit lock Berlicum Zuid-Willemsvaart

Construction consortium Willemsunie

Gouda, 2nd Juliana lock

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Venlo, Construction pit  Stadskantoor

Ballast Nedam Funderingstechnieken

Arnhem, Quaywall Rijnkade

Heuvelman Ibis

Emmen, Construction pit Parking garage Westerstraat

Strukton Civiel Projecten

Utrecht, Widening highway A2

Trajectum Novum

Veenendaal, Parking garage De Tricotage

Welling Didam