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Screw injection anchors

Screw injection anchors are thick-walled tubular anchoring elements that can transfer tensile and compressive forces to the subsoil. On the far end, screw injection anchors have a auger type tip for installation at depth using a special drilling rig. Grout is injected under pressure through the lance just behind the tip, along the length of the anchoring body. The auger mixes the grout with the soil to create a mass that helps the anchor to embed in the surrounding soil. The anchor body has the same diameter as the auger selected, varying between 150 and 400 mm. Screw injection anchors for permanent structures can be partially fitted with corrosion protection.


Screw injection anchors are used in all kinds of soil- or water-retaining structures, such as: - construction pit walls, fencing, quay walls, high-voltage pylons, swimming pools, cellars, underwater concrete floors.

Ambient factors

  • Can be installed without vibrations and low noise
  • Can be installed against water pressure
  • Can be installed vertically and at any inclination
  • Working in confined spaces possible.

Pros and Cons

  • The anchors can be installed from the ground or from a pontoon.
  • In terms of production, the product depends on obstacles in the subsoil.


Name of Project


Muiden, Construction pit Aquaduct motorway A1-A6

Construction consortium SAAone

Gouda, 2nd Juliana lock

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Bergambacht, Embankment reinforcement Bergambacht-Ammerstol-Schoonhoven

Waterauthority Schieland - Krimpenerwaard

Berlicum, Building pit lock Berlicum Zuid-Willemsvaart,

Construction consortium Willemsunie

Rotterdam Maasvlakte, Quay wall EMO

Port of Rotterdam

Breukelen, Widening highway A2

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Lekkerkerk, Riverbank reinforcement Nederlek

Waterauthority Schieland - Krimpenerwaard