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Suction piles or anchors

A suction pile is a large-diameter steel pile fitted with a closed top. This pile can be suctioned into the soil using specially developed software and underwater pumps. Because of the very large forces that can be absorbed, these piles can be used as temporary or permanent mooring structures. An additional advantage is that they can also be easily removed. Suction piles can be installed using relatively small equipment, without causing disturbance in the surrounding area from vibrations or noise due to pile-driving.


Temporary or permanent mooring structure. Holding forces depend on the condition of the soil but loads up to 180 tons are possible.



Name of  project


Amsterdam, 3 suction anchors Afrika- and Amerikahaven

Port of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Repositioning 3 suction anchors Afrikahaven


Amsterdam, 3 suction anchors Afrikahaven,


Rotterdam, Repositioning 2 suction anchors Calandkanaal

Port of Rotterdam