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Caissons and air pressure techniques

VSF has all various types of  kinds of caisson techniques.

Open caissons

For open caissons, a structure is built on ground level that is subsequently excavated form the inside out. The actual floor of the structure is initially lacking. The structure sinks into the...

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Pneumatic Caissons

For caissons, a concrete structure is built at ground level, with wedge like cutting shoes created underneath. These are approx. 2 metres high, so people can work underneath the floor of the...

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Undercutting caissons

Volker Staal en Funderingen has obtained a new patent under which concrete structures can be sunk without construction pit or groundwater control. There causes hardly any influence on the...

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Working under air pressure

When working under pneumatic pressure, it is possible to create a dry closed off workarea below the water. The waterlevel is temporarily lowered using a compressed air system. Depending on the...

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