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Undercutting caissons

Volker Staal en Funderingen has obtained a new patent under which concrete structures can be sunk without construction pit or groundwater control. There causes hardly any influence on the surrounding area, as the system is vibration-free and creates hardly any settlement.


This technique can be used for the more shallow applications where no pneumatic pressure is needed and the entire structure including the cellar floor can be built in advance.

The process can be performed following obstacle and soil studies and after removal of any obstacles. The structure is built at ground level, including the facilities for sinking. The concrete structures can be prefabricated or cast in-situ.

The structure is accurately positioned during undercutting using compression tensile piles and a controlled jacking system. Undercutting is performed by high pressure jetting of water through pre-installed rotating nozzles, as a result of which the existing soil is liquified. The soil/water mixture is pumped away through special lead-troughs in the structure by means of a special valves.
The soil/water mixture can be stored in a soil depot or regenerated using a desanding plant, so that it can be removed in solid form by means of lorries.

When the structure has reached the right depth, the hollow spaces are filled with grout, the tensile piles tensioned and all recesses closed off.

All shapes and dimensions of structures can be sunk using this highly versatile method. Because of its small footprint, this technique provides a solution for situations with little room on the construction site.

Ambient factors

  • Construction without sheet piling.
  • No underwater concrete or injection layer needed.
  • No drainage needed.
  • No vibrations, no settlement, low noise.
  • The system can be realised close to existing adjacent structures.
  • It can be used with prefabricated or cast in-situ elements.
  • The rapid sinking technology shortens construction time.



  • (Prefab) cellar structures
  • Railway underpasses
  • Traffic tunnels
  • Heavy column bases and foundations in groundwater areas
  • Start and receipt pits for horizontal drillings
  • Pump cellars, counterweight cellars, etc.


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Wageningen, Immersion cellar  Veluwezoom Verkerk bv