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CFA piles

Auger-type screw piles are cast in-situ without causing vibrations and noise.They can serve as foundation element, but can also be installed closely together as a piling wall. Pile diameters vary between 320 and 1,200 mm. Pile loads up to 4000 kN are possible, depending on the soilcondition. An auger, a tube with continuous helical screw blade on the outside, is screwed into the soil using a drillrig. When the desired depth has been reached, the auger is withdrawn and the hole simultaneously filled with concrete. The concrete is poured under slight positive pressure to guarantee a proper construction of the pile shaft.When the auger has been fully withdrawn, the pile shaft is ready and a cage or steel section can be placed in the fresh concrete.


Auger-type screw piles are used as pile foundation in locations where vibration should be avoided. Using this technique, foundationpiles can be installed in densely populated areas without causing any significant problems to the surrounding area. The product is specifically suitable as a foundation element in locations where prefab driven piles cannot be used due to ambient factors and soil structure. The auger-type pile can also be used as a tensile pile by fitting it with a central rod or small steel section along the entire length.

Ambient factors

  • Can be used in locations that are difficult to reach. (No supply of long piles)
  • Vibration-free and low-noise.
  • No pile storage needed.

Pros and Cons

  • The system produces little noise and vibrations and is capable of absorbing tensile as well as compressive loads.
  • Drilling piles can be started quickly.
  • No time lost ordering and producing prefab piles.
  • The piles have a large penetration capacity and can be used in hard soil layers.
  • The pile system is not sensitive to small obstacles in the soil.


Name of project


Doetinchem, Extension 380kV Station

H&D Civiel

Rotterdam Maasvlakte, Construction pit Electrabel powerplant

Visser & Smit Bouw

Utrecht, Foundation noise barriers A2

Holland Scherm