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Concrete Piles

Concrete piles are the most commonly used foundation elements, which are extremely well suited for situations with primarily compressive loads. They are, also often used in deep building pits whren tensile loads occur during the construction phase. Concrete piles are relatively cheap to produce and can be used in various shaft dimensions and lengths. VSF specialises in the larger dimensions. VSF has various  piling rigs for the installation of concrete piles on land and in the water, To reduce the noise during hammering we can provide our hammer with noise reduction systems. The piles can be installed vertically or inclined. Predrilling is also in house avaiable to reduce vibrations and risk of early refusal.    


In situations where the piles are mainly subjected to compressive loads and vibrations are not an issue.


Ambient factors

Pile-driving produces noise and vibrations, which can cause problems for the surrounding area.
Stratification of the soil can be a problem with a view to tensile stresses during pile-driving.


Pros and Cons

  • Depending on the design and dimensions of the piles, suitable for (very) high compressive loads
  • Can be produced and installed relatively cheaply
  • Can be piled below ground level using a follower 
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Not very suitable for absorbing (high) tensile loads


Name of project


Kampen, Pump station Kamperveen

Construction consortium Isala Delta

Kampen, Pleasure craft lock Ijsseldijk

Construction consortium Isala Delta

Ens, Abutment Ramspol Bridge

Infrateam N50

Amsterdam, Abutment Nescio Bridge

Public Works Amsterdam

Gouda, Abutment bridge N207 Hollandse IJssel

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Rotterdam, Construction pit parking  ECCR

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Gouda, 2nd Juliana lock

Van Hattum en Blankevoort