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Steel tubular piles

VSF installs steel tubular piles in various locations and in various manners. The piles are capable of absorbing large horizontal forces, making them highly suitable for use as mooring and breasting dolphins. By fitting losed pileshoe, the piles (only for smaller diameters due to piling resistance) these type of piles can also be used in situations that require vertical load-bearing capacity. Pile life can be extended by coating the piles. VSF's own design department can calculate the pile configuration and construction using calculation programmes developed in house.


Steel tubular piles are used as foundation elements in various ways. Diameters can be large, particularly in water (up to 6,0 metres and larger). VSF specialises in the application of large-diameter piles in water. For this, we have large crane pontoons, a drilling derrick and large vibrators and piling hammers. Where vibrations could be a problem VSF has drilling solutions for installing tubular piles in water without producing vibrations.

Ambient factors

Because these piles are usually installed in water, usually vibrations are no issue but in case the nearby structures are sensitive to vibrations such as jetties in operation, VSF has drilled solutions available.

Pros and Cons

  • Vibrating and driving comes with noise and vibrations, which can be reduced by pre-drilling with or without bentonite or by means of fluidisation.
  • Where necessary, sheet piles can also be pressed, which minimises noise and vibrations even further.


Name of project


Delft, motorway A4

Construction consortium A4All

Badhoevedorp, Foundation viaduct 01

Construction consortium  Badhoeverbogen Civiel

Vlissingen, Emergency jetty Scaldiahaven


Rozenburg, Berthing facilities Calandkanaal

Port of Rotterdam

Nieuwdorp, skid construction Heerema Yard

Heerema Vlissingen

Amsterdam, Foundation soundbarrier Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg

Holland Scherm

Wapenveld-Veessen, Reinforcement foundation powerline masts


Rotterdam, Extension subway Hoekse Lijn


Kampen, Building pit river bypass Reevediep

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Maassluis, Quaywall Mammoet

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Kampen, Collision protection and guiding works

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Muiden, Construction pit Aquaduct motorway A1-A6

Construction consortium SAAone

Portsmouth, Berthing facilities QE-class aircraftcarrier

Volker Stevin International

Felixstowe, Extension berth 9 Crane rail

Volker Stevin UK

Oosterschelde, Berthing facilities Roompotsluis

VolkerRail Nederland

Ens, Pilons Ramspol bridge

Infrateam N50

Rotterdam Maasvlakte, Construction pit Electrabel powerplant

Visser & Smit Bouw

Amsterdam, Temporary supports Westrandweg

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Vlaardingen, Extension jetty Vopak

Vopak Terminal Vlaardingen