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Soil Improvement

In situations where the existing composition of the soil is inadequate, VSF has several soil improvement methods that can be used to help realising structures in difficult soil conditions.


Compensation grouting

Fractures can be created in a layer of soil by means of injection. For this, injection tubes with fittings are inserted into the required soil layer. The injection fluid typically consists of a...

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Dynamic consolidation

Dynamic consolidation is a method of compacting soil deposits using a falling weight. It is used to speed up expected soil-settlement at an thus increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil...

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Ground freezing

This technique involves freezing of the groundwater. The principle is to abstract heat from the soil until the groundwater is frozen. The following effects occur: - water impermeability from...

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Horizontal soil injections

Horizontal soil injections are used if the groundwater regulations plays a key role in and around the building pit to be created. Obtaining a pumping permit may be difficult, particularly in...

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Jet grouting

Jet grouting (also called Very High Pressure grouting) is an injection system based on extreme high pressure that can be used in all types of soil. Grout bodies with a pre-determined diameter,...

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Stabilising soil injections

Confined spaces for creating cellars and (lift) shafts, areas sensitive to settlement, foundations with insufficient load-bearing capacity, load increases on structures, traffic or obstructions,...

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Vibro compaction

Vibro compaction is compaction of the soil using a vibrations. In oursystem, the vibrator is not located in the needle (as with other systems), but on the needle similar to vibrating a sheetpile....

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