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Jet grouting

Jet grouting (also called Very High Pressure grouting) is an injection system based on extreme high pressure that can be used in all types of soil. Grout bodies with a pre-determined diameter, height and depth can be constructed. The system is vibration-free and low-noise and can be used in confined spaces. The strength of the grout allows construction of underground load-bearing and retaining structures. Quality control and monitoring are very important.  This is accomplished by registration and monitoring of: drilling process and drilling depth retraction and rotating speed injection flow and pressure of grout, water and air the composition of the return spoil Depending on the design requirements, ambient factors and soil condition, three different installation systems can be used (1, 2 and 3 phases).


Applications include:

  • repair of old foundations
  • soil stabilisation
  • soil-retaining structures
  • soil- and water-retaining walls and layers
  • sealing of sheet piling connections and leaks
  • sealing of pipeline junctions between pipelines and sheet piles
  • sealing of building pits for horizontal drilling
  • isolation of contamined soil 

Ambient factors

  • A first requirement for making a design is a thorough soil investigation to determine the structure and density of the soil.
  • It may be necessary to construct a few test columns first.
  • Approx. 200 m2 of free area is required for the high pressure and mixing plant.

Pros and Cons

  • Can be used in all types of soil.
  • Sensitive to larger unknown obstacles in the soil.
  • Return spoil must be taken into account during application.
  • Soil deposits have irregular shape.


Name of project


Utrecht, Building pit Westflank Noord

Wessels Zeist

Utrecht, Soilimprovement Central Station

U-centRaal vof

Hilversum, shopping centre Hilvertshof

Boele & Van Eesteren

Rotterdam, Jetgrouting connection quay wall Nova Terminals

Aannemingsbedrijf Ippel Nieuwendijk

Utrecht, Krommenrijnbrug en Looierbrug

De Vries Werkendam

Venlo, Riverbank reinforcement river Maas

Van Beers Hoogeloon

Utrecht, Galecopperbrug

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

's-Hertogenbosch, Parking Vonk en Vlam

Heijmans Civiel

Roermond, Foundations Laurentiusziekenhuis

Heijmans Utiliteit

Amersfoort, Foundation viaduct highway A28

Van Hattum en Blankevoort

Goes, Elevatorpit railway station

Van der Straaten

Utrecht, Elevatorpit ANNU

Rijkswaterstaat Waterdistrict Merwede en Maas

Eemshaven, Construction pit stabilization

Visser & Smit Bouw Regio Noord / Mainka vof

Amsterdam, Power plant AMC hospital

Hillen en Roosen

Geldrop, Elevatorpit CuGel

Heijmans Civiel

Rotterdam, Parking garage Kruisplein


Regge en Dinkel, Ecoscreen Twentekanaal

Soil-ID Bouwkundige Bodeminjecties

Leeuwarden, Shopping centre Zaailand

Van Wijnen-Heijmans Bouwcombinatie

Wassenaar, Contamination screen Waranda

KWS Infra

Venlo, Elevatorpit railway station

B&W Grondinjectie

Utrecht, Connection  pumpstation Baden Powellroad