Because of its large arsenal of equipment, VSF can, depending on the soil structure and ambient factors, produce almost every kind of building pit wall or quay wall. The engineering part of this work can also be performed in-house.


Bored pile walls

A bored pile wall is a bored screw pile wall produced in situ. For a soil-retaining wall, the piles are installed at 5 to 10 cm intervals. For a soil- and water-retaining wall, the piles are...

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Combi walls

VSF has made combi walls for various clients. Combi walls are retaining walls made out of a combination of tubular piles and sheet piles. With the piles providing strength and the sheet piling...

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Construction pits

VSF has made various construction pits. These construction pits were made in various ways. VSF has the necessary technologies to construct sheet pile walls, combi walls, diaphragm...

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Diaphragm walls

Diaphragm walls are cast in-situ, concrete elements walls.They can serve as soil- and/or water-retaining structures and are capable of transferring large loads. Typical wall thicknesses are...

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Injection walls

Porous soil can be injected with a mixture of water glass (sodium silicate) and a hardener (sodium aluminate). This is done at a relatively low injection pressure. This glues soil grains together...

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Jet grouting screens

Jet grouting is an injection system based on extreme high pressure that can be used in all types of soil. Grout bodies of a pre-determined shape, height and depth can be constructed to create a...

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Sealing walls

Sealing walls are a special kind of slurry walls, cast in-situ, and depending ion the value of permeability lined with almost impermeable HDP lining. They prevent horizontal groundwater...

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Steel sheet piling

VSF has constructed steel sheet pile walls at various locations. VSF has a design department that can make all necessary calculations and drawings for the sheet piling. When the ambient...

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Sheet piling interlocking detectors

To check whether the sheet piles remain properly interlocked, Volker Staal en Funderingen can fit the sheet piles with an electronic measurement system that checks the interlocking of the piles,...

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Vibration-free insertion of sheet piles

Usually, sheet piling is installed with a vibratory hammer. However,  installation using a vibratory hammer is not always permitted when there is a risk of damage to nearby...

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