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Vibration-free insertion of sheet piles

Usually, sheet piling is installed with a vibratory hammer. However,  installation using a vibratory hammer is not always permitted when there is a risk of damage to nearby structures, to soil settlement or vibrations. In these situations, sheet piling must be installed without vibrations. VSF has two systems for this: installation using the Silent Piler or installation using the Hydropress system. With the first system, the sheet piles are inserted one by one, with the machine moving over the inserted piles. With the latter system a piling rig is used with 4 hydraulic cylinders attached to its leader. Every cylinder can manipulate a single sheetpile.This way 1 sheetpile can be pushed into the ground using the other 3 as counter force. Each system has its own specific applications.


Inner-city areas, building locations near railways, cables and pipes.


Name of project


Utrecht, Abutments motorway A2

Construction consortium A2 Hooggelegen

Breda, Extension Museum De Beijerd

Visser & Smit Bouw

Leidschenveen Abutment

Kombinatie Kunstwerken Veenweg

Berkel en Rodenrijs, Reconstruction Rodenrijseweg

KWS infra