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Beatrice Wind Farm Demonstrator Project

Piling and installation of 2 windturbines, each 5 Megawatt in approx. 45 metres deep water. At that moment (2006) the largest windturbines in the world installed at this waterdepth. Location: 23 km offshore the Northeast coast of Scotland, in the Beatrice Field.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)
Execution Period
July - August 2006

Volker Staal en Funderingen provided the pilingworks for both windturbineplatforms (jackets).

Each jacket is  fixed to the sea bottom  with 4 piles.

The dimensions of the bottom of the structure are 21 x 21 metres, and at toplevel 14 x 14 metres, total heigth is 65 metres, weight 585 tons.

Each tubular steelpile has a length of 44,5 metres, Ø 1839 mm, wall tickness of 60 mm, weight 116 tons.

The windturbines are located in one of the two bird nesting areas in Great Brittain.  Due to the presence of dolphins and whales  special environmental requirements for noise pollution  are applicable. Therefor piling works were restricted to 2 tubular steelpiles a day between sunrise and sunset.


After completion of the piling, the windturbinetower was installed on the platform by the Scaldis craneship "Rambiz".

The turbine is located at about 86 metres above sealevel with a rotor diametre of 126,5 metres. The tipspeed of a rotorblade is 120 km/hr.