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Construction Pit for Multi-Storey Car Park De Tricotage


VSF has built a construction pit for the multi-storey car park of the new 'De Tricotage' complex in the centre of Veenendaal

The scope of work consisted of constructing a 300-metre diaphragm wall with a thickness of 80 centimetres and a length of around 16 metres, installing more than 300 Combi screw piles and more than 700 GEWI piles and fitting almost 170 temporary wall anchors in the diaphragm wall.


The GEWI piles and the wall anchors were fitted from ground level with our own three Klemm anchor machines.

To simplify the dredging work and reduce the risk of damage during the dredging, the GEWI piles were installed just below excavation level.

Once the pit had been excavated, divers extended the piles underwater and fitted anchoring plates, after which it was possible to pour the underwater concrete.

VSF executed the work for the contractor of the substructure: Welling of Didam. The superstructure was realised by Trebbe Bouw.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Municipality of Veenendaal
  • Main Contractor
    Welling Didam / Trebbe Bouw
  • Used VSF-Techniques
    Slurry walls, gewi piles, grout anchors, screw combi piles,
  • Execution Period
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