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13 km South of Brighton, UK

Jacket Installation Rampion Offshore Windfarm

In the English Channel, located approximately 13 km South of Brighton, Volker Staal en Funderingen finished the installation of an offshore substation platform comprising a piled jacket and topside construction for the Rampion Offshore Windfarm.

Fabrication and Installation Contractor
Scaldis Salvage & Marine COntractors NV
Installation Vessel
HLV Rambiz
Execution Period
September 2016

Scaldis SMC was awarded the Transport & Installation contract by E.ON Climate & Renewables UK Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd. Subsequently VSF was awarded the subcontract for pile installation and grouting operations of the jacket.

Mid-September the heavy lift vessel Rambiz was mobilized in Flushing and hereafter sailed directly to the South coast of England. After a successful jacket touchdown, VSF performed the piling operations of all jacket piles. An IHC S-1400 Hydrohammer, fitted with an 2500mm sleeve and powered by one P-300W power pack, has been used. The provision and operation of an Internal Lifting Tool also formed part of the VSF scope, required for upending/stabbing of the jacket piles.

The grouting scope also formed part of the VSF subcontract. In total 77 tonnes of OPC CEM I 52.5N was supplied, mixed and pumped into the jacket sleeves.

Pile dimensions: 

- 4 piles Ø2200 x 50 mm with a total length of 38,3 metres


- Penetration into seabed 24,0 metres.


- Net pile weight approx. 101,4 tonnes