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Modification of Fenders River De Mark


The Brabante Delta water board commissioned VSF to adapt a fender in the river De Mark to shipping class IV.

To protect the ICE rail bridge against possible collisions, the fenders on the abutment side were reinforced with two tubular piles. An extra tubular pile was also installed for the central pillar and fitted with wooden fenders. VSF produced and detailed the design itself, after which the steelwork was assembled and preserved in the workshop in Rotterdam. Due to the width of the piling pontoon, it was sailed to the work site in two parts, after which the two pontoons were connected. The crane transported by road was then driven on board on site, after which the tubular piles could be installed and the steelwork hoisted. The welding was then carried out with the working vessel Geertruida M.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Brabante Delta water board
  • Used VSF-techniques
    Steel tubular piles, collission works
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