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Piling for Hasdrubal "A"Platform of BG Tunisia Ltd.

Hasdrubal Barca is the brother of the famous Carthagan general Hannibal Barca. An oil-gasfield at about 100 km south east the coast of Tunisia (Golf of Gabes) has the same name.

Execution Period
May 2007


The works provided:

Piling of  1 jacket, heigth 70 metres, base 33x30 metres, top 15x17 metres, weight +/- 1.000 tons.

Piling of  2 dockingpiles, length  65 metres, weight 60 ton each pile.

Piling of  4 jacketpiles, length 101 metres, weight 200 ton each pile.

Piles are fundated on grouted steelpiles