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Screw Injection Anchors Dyke Reinforcement Nederlek

For the 'Dyke Reinforcement Nederlek in Lekkerkerk' project, also referred to as 'Lekdijk', VSF installed the screw injection anchors.

Hoogheemraadschap Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
Main Contractor
Combinatie Van den Herik - VSF - Boskalis
Used VSF-techniques
Screw injection anchors
Execution Period

The work consisted of anchoring more than four kilometres of sheet piles. To anchor the sheet piles, 1,412 screw injection anchors were installed.
Due to the length of the stretch of sheet piling, there was a large variation in the soil composition and therefore in the anchordesign. Consequently, it was necessary to work with various anchor lengths, anchor angles and rod diameters. VSF drilled a total of more than 41.6 kilometres of anchor rods, with a total plug length of more than 11.7 kilometres.

The work was part of the embankment reinforcement. The river side of the embankment was widened and raised. On the polder side of the dyke, this was impossible because of the buildings. It was therefore decided to install anchored sheet piles on that side. As the space on that side was so restricted, the sheet piles and the anchors had to be installed from the road on the embankment. The problem was that the traffic road should stay open for traffic. For this reason VSF's equipment was specially amodified. A separate leader was used to guide the drill. To be able to drill the anchors from a fixed, stable position, the leader was attached to the sheet piling.
VSF's anchor work on the 'Lekdijk' was executed in several phases and was completed in the summer of 2011.