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Site Centrale Rotterdam

At the Rotterdam powerstation site, various techniques were used for producing a number of foundations and construction pits. VSF also partially engineered the construction pits. On the right is an overview picture of the site, showing various work on the foundations and construction pits.   Below is an impression of the various techniques used.

Main Contractor
Visser & Smit Bouw
Used VSF-techniques
Bored piles, screw piles, steel sheet piles, grout anchors, jet grouting, gewi piles

Barette Piles

Installing diaphragm barettes (a number of diaphragm wall panels) for the heavier foundations at the site. More than 130 barrettes were installed for this project. The barrettes were excavated to a depth of 40 metres and fitted with reinforcement cages throughout the entire height. A number of barrettes were also monitored using the Sonic Cross Hole test.

CFA Piles

Installing more than 1,000 or piles for the various foundations with diameters of 0.45 metres, 0.6 metres and 0.8 metres and lengths varying between 23 and 31 metres. The piles were fitted with various types of reinforcement, including central rods and reinforcement cages.

Construction pits

A number of techniques were used for executing the various construction pits.
In designing these construction pits, the following techniques were used to achieve an optimal design.
Installing the sheet piles construction with the aid of a piling rig with fixed leader various sheet piles were used with a maximum length 27 metres.

Braced construction pit (Cooling Water Intake) with a retaining height of 14 metres and a span of 28 metres.
Jet grouting for the connection between the construction pit and the existing quay wall.
Installing various anchor constructions.
Installing GEWI piles with a diameter of 180 millimetres from the temporary moveable bridge over the construction pit.